Custom module

Your ideas deserves the gold standard in terms of app.

YES! You can have your own custom module to meet your business requirememts. You can actually decide if you want to extend and modify the existing modules or create your own custom feature. What we just have to do is understand your business requirememts and start with the development.

What exactly we can create?

We can develop basically everything you need to create your web application.

Starting with simple algorithms, service integrations, 3rd party integration and even machine learning.

SSO authentication
Forms & data tables
Data view, filter and search name it!

Services & integrations

We have a robust and secure integration solution that allows our framework to connect with basically any service or API out there.

With the integration requests made by the backend, the connection keys are secure and are not changeable or visible by the browser.

Requests by the backend
Secure transactions
Data modeling

Machine learning

We use Google Cloud for our machine leaning features. SYSTOIT platforms is the closer step to having your custom feature interact with a machine learning service.

More importantly is that you can manage users out-of-the-box within your application.

Supply chain & logistics
Dots pattern

Ready to get started?

Let's discuss the possibilities and how our application could help you.